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New Homeowner?
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Even if you’re a construction veteran, anyone can benefit from DAP’s New Presto Patch!

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A few months ago I posted a video showing you how to repair a hole the “right way” using a piece of sheet-rock.

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But if want an even easier solution without the hassle of cutting and measuring you can now fix a hole in your wall using DAP’s Presto Patch, found at your local hardware store. In the kit, DAP supplies how-to instructions, a pre-cut drywall circle with oversized taping paper attached and a foam template. It repairs up to 3 7/8″ or 6 7/8″ holes in standard 1/2″ drywall.

All you need to do is place the template over the hole in your wall, trace it out with a marker or pen, then use your drywall saw to cut out the circle.

Be careful not to hit any wires behind the drywall when you’re cutting and clean up any edges making sure it’s a smooth circle. Before adhering any spackle paste, take the presto patch and make sure it fits into the cut circle. Once it does, apply a heavy amount of paste to the outside of the cardboard patch. Insert it into the hole, and from the center use your spackle knife to smooth the paste outwards. Continue spackling all over the patch smoothing it out as you go. Don’t be alarmed if any bubbling or rippling occurs, it will smooth out as it dries.

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Once the spackle dries, sand it down smooth, prime it and paint it a color of your choice.

I can’t express enough how easy and stress free this patch is in repairing your walls.

If the hole is larger then 6 7/8″‘s refer to my other video where you will learn how to patch a hole using sheetrock. That will work for any sized repair.
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Pick up your DAP Presto Patch HERE or at your local hardware store.


3 thoughts on “Fix a hole in your wall using DAP’s Presto Patch

  1. This is such an interesting post! I never thought I could do this by myself, but now I’m so motivated! Thank you Fix it Chick!

    1. You can totally do this Jaime! If I can do it you can too… thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my other posts like turning a coffee table into a great piece of furniture!

  2. These kind of patches are my go-to solution for small plaster repair jobs. You really get a good result and it is much easier to do than cutting plaster

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