Thankful Thanksgiving Tablescape- FarmChic Style


When I hear the word Thanksgiving a few words come to mind; thankful, blessed, family, grateful, and Food… and lots of it.  Thanksgiving is a time to gather your family around a big table, share your thoughts on what makes you grateful and thankful for all that you have in your life, watch and play football together, and wear your favorite pair of comfy pants so you can eat all day long.  Those are the things I thought about when decorating this Thanksgiving Tablescape.  Comfort, natural elements and what I am thankful for this year!

I joined up with a fabulous group of talented women to bring you a Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop showing you various decor ideas on how to make your table shine this holiday.  All of the links to their websites and tablescapes are at the end of this post so be sure to check out their amazing and creative ideas.  Since I’m part interior designer and part DIY’er I always put a little DIY craft into my table decorating and this year I chose two.  The first is a “leaf tag” that I made out of brown construction paper.


I simply traced out a leaf in marker, cut it so some of the marker shows as an outline, and wrote a word on each.  Tied some string around the stem to the stalk of each pumpkin and added a white mum to each plate.  The plates and charges are from Home Goods and were very inexpensive.  I love using fresh flowers or anything in nature in my decor whenever possible. The four words I chose as written above are Grateful, Thankful, Blessed and Family.




My next craft project was a “leaf candle”.  I simply wrapped 2 real leaves I found in my backyard with white string around the outside of a candle.  I felt it brought that touch of nature indoors and also gives the candles a pop of color.  Since both the leaves and string are fire hazards when the candle is lit I do one of 3 things:

1. I either buy a battery powered white candle with a fake wick

2. Core out the center of a real candle just enough to fit a tea light inside, so the flame stays inside the large candle instead of actually burning

3. Or I keep the leaf and string on while guests arrive and once we are about to eat and I light the candles, the leaf and string come off


The centerpiece for my table this year is definitely one of my favorites.  I found this cornucopia basket at Michael’s and knew I wanted to fill it with white pumpkins. On clearance for $7!!!  Full disclosure- I think I may be the only person that did NOT go pumpkin picking this year 🙁 I know shame on me.  Since I didn’t have time to get to a pumpkin patch I did another DIY trick.  I went up to my food store, bought a bunch of mini pumpkins and acorn squash, and chalk painted them white.  And voila I have white pumpkins!



I also added some fake antlers and greenery and real scented pine cones, along with fresh rosemary to each napkin to continue with the natural element theme.  Paired with fresh white decor this tablescape is not only easy to do but super affordable.




This year I also found a beautiful crystalized ice bucket at Home Goods that I couldn’t leave the store without.  It screamed classy and sophisticated at me… for real those words actually came out of it.  And I grabbed it before anyone else could.  I think it sparkles up my corner nicely.



Lastly I couldn’t have a finished table and room without some fun accessories.  I picked up all the pillows and wreath at Home Goods as well and think they add a little Thanksgiving charm to my dining area.  Hope you enjoy them as well!



Be sure to check out the following blogs that are part of this blog hop for some amazing Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration.  And have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your friends and family! xoxo


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  1. I am trying hard to figure out what I love the most: the cornucopia, the plates, the DIY touches, or that wreath! Love it all!

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