So your son is rough housing and he and his friends throw a baseball in the room and it accidentally goes through the wall. Or maybe your daughter and her friends are practicing hand stands and their foot makes an ugly, unexpected hole. In this video, you’ll learn how to patch and spackle a hole in your wall the right way using a piece of sheetrock. No mesh patches necessary!

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Simply start by using a measuring tape and level to cut a perfectly sized square or rectangle around the hole.  Use a sheetrock saw to cut it out of the wall. Then using a new piece of sheetrock cut out a patch that is 1 inch larger around all the sides.  So for instance if your square is 6×6 you would cut a new piece that is 8×8 because it will be 1 inch larger on every side.  Take that new piece that is 8×8 and measure 1 inch in on all sides.  Score a new square around the entire piece. Crack the sheetrock along the scoring line and carefully remove the actual rock of the sheetrock while leaving the paper backing. That backing will act as tape over the patch. Simple and easily place the new cut out piece into the square or rectangle you cut out of the wall. Don’t bang or push too hard and if it doesn’t slide in, simply shave a little of the sheetrock away on the wall itself.  Once the new piece fits you will have 4 flaps of paper all around it.

Put some spackling paste on the wall behind the paper flaps on all 4 sides. That will act as glue. Try Dap’s Drydex Spackle Paste

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Then spackle the entire new piece of sheetrock, working it past the flaps and into the existing wall. You want a nice smooth look.  Let that dry and softly sand the dried spackle smooth. Then apply 1-2 more coats as necessary until the new patch is fully covered, sanding in between coats.  Finish by priming and painting with a color of your choice!

And you have just successfully patched a hole in your wall!