“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”…


Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Let’s get this parTEA started.  It’s tea time and always time for dessert on Valentine’s Day.  As a girl who’s allergic to chocolate, yes it’s a fact and one I’ve learned to sadly live with since I was 18, I have to think of other ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.  What better way then with delicious tea and honey and homemade cupcakes.  I thought the tea and plates were a regal touch as well and aren’t we all supposed to be treated like regal queens on the one holiday fully based around love and gushy cards.  I’m still a believer that women should be treated like queens every single day, but as long as we’re celebrating it I’m going to do a tablescape on it.


Luckily I happened to have the pink charger and large white plates in my cabinet along with the napkins, napkin holder, flowers and cake stands.  I ran to Home Goods and found the cutest little cup and saucer tea set and these beautiful pink and gold dessert plates.  It really gave the table some fancy feminine flair, perfect for a tea party.  Even the dessert spoons had little tea pots on the end.


I also found these clothes pins in the $1 bin at Target and thought they would make the perfect little name tag holders for the guests names.



I whipped up a batch of cupcakes, added some sprinkles and placed them on 2 different sized cake trays to make for a fun and festive centerpiece.



Sprinkled around some candy hearts and rose petals and my table was complete!

side table 5 resize

Directly across from my table is my favorite hutch that I refinished years ago.  I always decorate it with the seasons and this was one of my favorite set ups.  Inhale love, exhale hate.  Those heart candies look so cute in my glass urn. And my new crate with chicken wire gives it that farmchic feel that I absolutely love!



Hope you enjoyed my tablescape and Valentine’s Day decor. Whether it’s a holiday or just a Tuesday, start each day with a grateful heart and let all that you do be done with love!

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