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Planning a bathroom renovation? While you can choose the colors and fixtures you want for your bathroom, there are a few other things you should consider. A successful bathroom remodel requires that a homeowner think about budget, water efficiency, and more.

Plumb Tile has put together a list of bathroom remodeling dos and don’ts, so your renovation will bring you the greatest amount of enjoyment or return on your investment.

The Dos for a Bathroom Remodel


For a bathroom that is pleasing, comfortable—and profitable, if that’s your end goal—keep the following bathroom remodeling dos in mind:

Include Unexpected Costs in Your Budget

When you create your initial bathroom-remodeling plan, remember to plan for unexpected expenses. As you go through the steps of your remodel, you might come across leaking shower pans, mold, water-damaged flooring, toilets that won’t stop running, and other challenges. All this means you might have to pay for a new floor, shower, toilet, or wall. At the beginning of your project, it’s best to hire an experienced contractor to find as many potential issues as possible, so you’ll know what to expect in terms of budget. For an experienced contractor on Long Island visit for JDG Home Improvements.

Opt for a High-End, Water-Efficient Shower

Today’s luxury bathroom is all about the shower. Homeowners and investors are using the bathroom space to create large, spa-like showers with top-of-the-line showerheads, body sprayers, and even steam generators. While these shower fixtures create a resort-quality shower, they should be chosen with water efficiency in mind. Water-efficient shower fixtures might cost a bit more in the beginning, but they save money in the long run and help the planet. Try on of these:

California Faucet Water Efficient Showerhead
California Faucet Water Efficient Showerhead
California Faucet 6 Jet Showerhead Kit
California Faucet 6 Jet Showerhead Kit

Choose Appropriate Surfaces

When choosing the flooring and countertops in your bathroom, you’ll want to go with large tiles that eliminate grout lines or concrete, which doesn’t have any grout lines. This will make your surfaces easier to keep clean. You can opt for large glass or granite tiles, glass blocks, or even solid surfaces like stainless steel.

The Five Elements Stainless Steel Mosaic
The Five Elements Stainless Steel Mosaic
The Five Elements Glass Subway
Eleganza Traditional-Classic

The Don’ts for a Bathroom Remodel

As for the don’ts, some costly mistakes that people make when remodeling a bathroom include trying to rush the process, skimping on skilled labor, cutting corners on important materials, and not anticipating future needs.

If you want to find out about more dos and don’ts for bathroom remodels, contact PlumbTile. They’re happy to walk you through the details of a bathroom remodel and give you a quote on your next bathroom remodel project.



4 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Hi Allison Kohmann

    Thanks for providing up with some useful bathrooms makeover tips 🙂
    But still wanted to make clear out some points like whether glass or glass blocks could be useful
    as laying down the bathroom surface, would they be accommodate in long run.

    Hope you could bring out some more useful tips in the future

    Shantanu sinha

  2. Hi what’s the easiest way to smooth out a bathroom ceiling, had multiple coats of paint and I started scraping and peeling by hand, now it’s a mess, is there anything I can glue up there like bead board or something ? Thanks

    1. Bathrooms are hard especially if you’re using it to shower because of all the moisture. Best bet would either be to nail up wood and make it look like shiplap, or bead board would work. Also you can skim coat the entire surface with spackle, oil prime it, then paint it. Hope this helps.

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