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Single? Newly Divorced? Widowed?  Stressed about spending the holidays alone?  Have no fear the Fix It Chick is here to help!

This is a fun and exciting how-to video showcasing the 10 benefits of being single for the holidays.  So many times people get depressed or down knowing they have to celebrate the holiday season alone. But there are so many benefits to enjoying them as a “Happily Single” individual.


10 Benefits of Being Single for the Holidays


1. Not being woken up by crazy screaming children at 6am. You can snooze in for as long as you’d like. It’s a great time to catch up on that beauty sleep!

2. Not having to “fake it”. Opening up gifts from your significant other can be upsetting when they don’t really “know you” and then buy you things that you will never wear or use. Avoid that fake look altogether. Then take that time and money you would have spent on them and buy yourself a well-deserved and better useful gift.

Benefits of being single for the holidays

3. Three Favorite Men on your #mcm list. Alexander, Andrew and Ben are the “best men” to have in your little black book. They don’t talk back, they get you exactly what you want, they can give you pleasure every single day and you let them go whenever you want. Win-Win!

4. Avoiding the monster-in-law encounter.  No more insults, hidden innuendos, or having to socialize & “small talk” with your brutally honest in-laws.

5. Having the bed all to yourself. Think of all the snow angels, exercises, and body stretching you can be doing. And you don’t have to share the covers either.

6. Watching a movie, whichever one you choose, without interruptions. No loud kids screaming or remote control fighting. You can watch what you want, when you want, and not be bothered by anyone. Ahhhhhh peaceful!

7. Spoil yourself!  You work hard for your money so get out there and shop for exactly what you want and need.

8. Work that mistletoe.  When you’re single you can kiss as many people as you’d like. Spread the love all around and use it as a great way to network or find a new mate.

Benefits of being single for the holidays

9. Be a holiday orphan.  Visit as many houses and parties as you possibly can. You can eat and drink as much as you want for FREE! Woohoo! And you’ll also be saving money.

10. Do something Good and donate to a charity of your choice. With all the money you’ll be saving donate some to your favorite charity and with all the new found time on your hands visit a shelter and donate your time. Maybe walk a dog, play with a cat, feed the homeless.. your heart will grow and your light will shine.

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  1. Ive tried the mistletoe thing, did NOT work for me. But then again, I dont look like you, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

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