Here I’m working with Jimmy Flynn from Improved Living Concepts, Inc to convert a one car garage into a two car garage and above it we’re expanding the master bedroom to have a spacious sitting area equipped with a fireplace, large closet, multiple windows and a desk for an in-home office. The extra windows in both the garage and sitting area will bring more light into the space opening it up even more. In this video we’ll be demolishing the garage’s roof and walls but keeping the brick for use in the new construction, saving the homeowner lots of money. We’ll be cutting up the roof in 4×4 sections making it easier to take down & then we’ll tackle the plywood & roof rafters. Then using a demo hammer to we’ll start removing the brick, again putting it aside and cleaning it up for use in the new construction. Watch for the next video where we start laying the footings for the foundation walls and framing the garage.