Feeling like you just need to spruce up your home or give it a new vibe? “Beachify” it by turning molding or any wood furniture into Beachwood with this simple and easy trick! With just some paint you can make any wood look like beachwood and turn your room into a seaside oasis.

Simply begin by purchasing cedar wood or pine or try it on a piece of wood furniture.  I suggest those two types of wood because they have natural knots in the wood which make for a more rustic, aged feel.  Depending on what color you want to make your wood or furniture, purchase a color of paint. I prefer using a light grey or light tan color because that is the true color of Beachwood.  In a painting bucket or container, add equal parts paint and water. Grab a damp rag and begin by wiping the first color onto the wood and wiping it right off.  You don’t want the paint to saturate the wood so it’s important to wipe it right off.  After that dries, grab your second color of paint which has to be lighter then your first color.  If you’re using a light grey for instance, choose a lighter grey paint or even white.  Again use equal parts water to paint and grab a damp rag, wipe the paint over the first color and wipe it right off.  I like to dab this coat of paint on and then wipe it because when you dab or blot it sporadically and then wipe it away, it gives the wood more of an uneven blotchy look.  And it allows for the first color to pop through even more giving it a 2-tone feel.  After that has fully dried, use a latex based polyurethane to seal in the paint.

Try this look on a piece of furniture, a head board, or even as back splash in your kitchen.  The polyurethane protects the wood from any water or food damage and it’s a unique, updated look for a kitchen rather then tile.  It would also look very cool as paneling going up a staircase.

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