Wallpaper is a funny thing.  You either love it or your hate it.

Wallpaper has made a comeback and is showing up in interior design everywhere.  Today they make wallpaper in so many designs, textures, patterns and colors that it’s almost impossible not to find the specific piece you’re looking for.  There are tons of websites online that have an array of choices and can send you a sample piece for a few dollars.  Paint stores across the country continue to sell it as well although you’ll find the trendier and more unique pieces online.

Above you’ll see that not only is wallpaper making a bold statement on that living room wall behind the couch, but the color black was used which often is a feared color. The 2 dimensional design and the champagne and black color pallet lend itself to a beautiful and sophisticated detail that most people would be scared to venture into.  Since it’s only on one wall and is flanked by a soft teal paint and pops of pink, black and cream, it takes a harsh, rich color and softens it making it more elegant and eye appealing.

The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.  Choose what speaks to you and build a room around that!

Give the wallpaper of today a chance.  If you need help with selection and color choice, contact me today!