Is your toilet constantly running and won’t shut off… or won’t even go on?  Most likely your fluid master needs to be replaced. Over time debris and gunk get inside and clog it making the water run constantly.  No need to spend tons of money calling a plumber when you can easily and quickly fix it yourself.  Simply shut off the water supply to the toilet & drain all of the water out of the top of the toilet by holding the handle.  Then grab a bowl before removing the supply line to catch the remaining water and unscrew the supply line which connects the toilet to the water supply.  Unscrew the nut that holds the fluid master in tact and catch the remaining water that will drain out with the bowl. Remove fluid master.  Now reverse the process to put it back together but installing new fluid master, screwing the nut to keep it in tact, connecting the supply line, and turning the water supply back on.  Once the water has filled back up you can adjust the water level by turning the screw on top of the fluid master. And that’s it!

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