Learn how to decorate Faux Pumpkins and make a Pumpkin KEG in this easy DIY video!~

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The first pumpkin is super inexpensive and something even your kids can help out with.  All you’ll need is:

  1. a faux pumpkin
  2. spray paint, I used black but choose any color you’d like
  3. Polka dot stickers

Adhere the polka dot stickers onto the pumpkin.  Spray paint the pumpkin with the paint in a fluid & short back and forth motion.  Allow paint to dry and remove the stickers.  And voila you have a creative and unique polka dot creation!

The second pumpkin is a monogrammed delight.


All you’ll need is:

  1. a faux pumpkin
  2. Paint color of your choice
  3. A marker or pencil
  4. Thumb tacks

Paint the pumpkin and after drying trace out any letter in a font style of your choice.  Take the thumb tacks and retrace the letter, sticking them in along the line as you go.  Spell out a word or just use your initials.  Great for your mantel, going up your stairs or on a shelf.

The third pumpkin is also super easy and inexpensive and can be colored however you’d like to match your decor.


Simply buy a faux pumpkin in black, white or orange or paint one a color you like. Tape off one half of the pumpkin tightly and all the way around using blue tape or frog tape.  Spray the other half of the untaped pumpkin. Let dry and peel off the tape and you have an easy 2-toned design.

The last pumpkin is one of my favorites and the most creative.  This is perfect for a Halloween party, as a unique way to entertain your guests watching Sunday football or just to impress your family and friends.  You will be cooler and cheaper then any bar!


Take a real pumpkin, cut off the top, and scoop out the insides. Leave a little pulp in there for flavoring the beer.  Buy a spigot at http://www.freshwatersystems.com or you can find it here at amazon:







Use a pumpkin carving kit and carve out a hole a tiny bit smaller then the size of the spigot.

Carving Kit


Insert the spigot and washer and attach the other washer on the inside and secure it with the jam nut.  Pour the beer into the pumpkin and and pour a delicious glass of beer.  The longer you leave the beer in the pumpkin the more of the flavor will be infused into the beer.  Serve in a chilled glass and enjoy!

Try anyone of these great ideas this fall season and feel free to share your ideas and pictures with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at the FixItChick.



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