“In every room, the furniture reflects you larger than life, or dwindling”… Adrienne Rich


Furniture should have a personality as well as a purpose in your home.  And if you’re like me you walk into a mass produced furniture store and  see all the styles and rooms that can literally be purchased as an entire set, delivered in days and financed for a few years and cringe.  If I have that cookie cutter room someone else surely does too.  Being different and unique and having that piece of furniture that screams “this is soooo me” and is a true reflection of your personality is what it’s all about. It’s what makes a home and a room yours and yours alone.

Maybe you have a coffee table or dresser that is a family heirloom but no longer goes with your décor.  And you don’t want to toss it because let’s face it you will be banished from the family and Aunt Edna will be rolling over in her grave.  Refinishing it to your specific taste and desire is super easy and way more cost effective.  A few coats of paint or sanding it down and starting from scratch can bring new life to that outdated piece.  So keep your $$ in your pocket and your personality at the forefront and make a piece your own!

If you would like help with refinishing a piece of furniture or with the interior design of your home, contact me today!