renoir“With all their damned talk of modern painting, I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colours is black!” ~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Are you afraid of the dark?  Don’t be!  Your molding and doors don’t have to always be white as a ghost. In fact breaking the norm and using Black as an accent color can enhance and compliment the dark wood furniture in your room or be a unique change of pace & provide for a stunning look. Today there are so many creative and unique ways to change up the look of a room, and one of my new favorites is painting the moldings in the room a different color. Here you’ll see an office that was transformed from the typical white door and window trim into an artistic masterpiece.

area rug part of blakc molding room

By using the area rug as my inspiration I played off the black and soft yellow hues and painted the walls a color called Butter Yellow and the trim and doors Black.  Since the homeowner had black and ebony furniture and black decorations I decided to play up the room by adding more black to the walls.



black molding room w desk 8

With new crown molding installed the black trim and doors made the soft yellow walls pop and the furniture was complimented perfectly.

black molding ceiling 2





When working with your furniture at home, don’t be afraid to play it up by adding subtle features in the same color like painting the doors and trim to match.  And never be intimidated or afraid of working with black paint as it can bring a sophisticated ambiance to your room and home!